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Shinn Waterbird Skimboard 2011

The Waterbird is our fresh new skim-board.
This bird features rounded ABS rails, twin tip functionality and a full coverage 3-D deck-pad bringing a whole new element to light wind, strapless fun.
With early starting like a conventional skim and “trick-ability” like a wake-skate no progressive rider can afford to be without one.

Shinn King George II 2011

The Shinn King George II is the XL in the Shinn kiteboarding range. The King is not just about being the first to plane but about ruling the water and having the most fun possible in light winds. The Shinn King George II was created to maximise your time on the water even in less than ideal conditions. Light-wind cruising can be awesome but should you feel the desire to push your boundaries then the King has plenty of built-in control and versatility for performance riding, ensuring you’re not rushing to the beach for a smaller board should the wind increase by a few knots.

Shinn The Player Kiteboard 2011

Are you a Player? Are you obsessed with the latest moves? This decks ride is all about performance - both yours and it’s own.
The Player II is a story of refinement, a painstaking process of tweaking and modifying. The hallmarks of insane edge grip, super high board speeds and effortless planing are retained but added to the blend is increased global flex for comfort and control and an all new 3-stage rocker profile dramatically improving your aggressive POP and reducing unwanted tip spray. One word of warning though - If everything's under control, you're going too slow!

Shinn Luigi Kiteboard 2011

Luigi uses a variation on the constant curve rocker through out his length. Some years ago this rocker would have been considered to be slow to plane and poor upwind but advances in flex control, concave hull shapes and of course kites now mean it can be used to provide un-paralleled control, limitless grip and completely spray free riding in all conditions

Shinn Gintronic Kiteboard 2011

Kiteboarding, made easy
The all new Gintronic is so ridiculously easy that some might call it cheating. Bi-lateral flex mould, exaggerated constant curve rocker, super tolerant outline, the Shinn Gintronic defies chop, flies upwind and planes on a summers breeze whilst all the time allowing you to think about what YOU want to do and not what your board ALLOWS you to do.
This board refuses to be categorized, it’s not freestyle and it’s not freeride, can we call it the worlds first funride board?
Directed towards any level of kiter who wants to ride and play, Gintronic fills a previously open slot in the Shinn range - with no strings attached.

Shinn Duke Kiteboard 2011

The Duke is the Shin surfboard. The result of 10 years of kite boarding development and 25 years surf shaping, this diverse trio cater for all water and wind conditions for both strapped and strapless action. Born in the Canary Islands and tested around the world, all 3 sizes offer speed and grip through the bottom turn and impressive snap off the lip. Simply riding a wave is not enough, you need to read it, feel it and rule it… get your Duke on and go ride.

Shinn Kiteboarding Capri GT 2011

Introducing the Shinn Capri GT, different for sure and part of a world without compromise! It's a flatwater, small wave carve hungry directional for lighter winds and flatter water. With a flat tail rocker and very flexible swallow tail it's very efficient for light-winds and upwind work, yet when pushed into a corner those wingers flex and it grips hard.

Shinn Kiteboarding The Monk Kiteboard 2011

This is a freestyle board for the mere mortals among us. The Monk offers untamed sailing without the limitations normally associated with this style of riding. Hyperflex tips (created using our new FS mould) and our new constant curve work together to create the easiest to access (yet limitless) ride ever seen. A back door into the high performance world of kiteboarding or simply reality personified - you decide.

Online Catalogue | Kiteboard Kitesurf Boards |  Shinn Kiteboarding Kiteboards

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Crazy Fly Shox LTD Kiteboard 2011 132 X 41

Crazy Fly Shox LTD Kiteboard 2011 132 X 41


WAS £419 NOW £399
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Starboard SUP 11 SUP Hero 9'0" x 33" AST Blue

Starboard SUP 11 SUP Hero 9'0


A hidden gem in Starboard's wave SUP range, the Hero allows heavier riders or novice surfers a short-board feel whilst retaining good stability thanks to 33" width.

With a narrow, rounded tail there is plenty of performance to unlock in a wide range of small to meduim waves. It's a logical progression for anyone who started off surfing on the Whopper.

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12’ ‘Heritage’ Custom Round Pin SUP Bamboo

12’ ‘Heritage’ Custom Round Pin SUP Bamboo


A large and stable SUP with plenty of effortless glide and width for either flat water cruising or paddling into waves. Round pin tail shape makes for a fun wave ride even for a board of this size.

A perfect all round board for ease of use or the bigger guy looking for that extra bit of volume.

High volume made using epoxy honeycomb construction giving immense strength to weight ratio.

Length 12ft
Width 30"
Depth 4"
Tail Shape Round Pin
Bottom Contour Single concave to slight V in Tail
Fin Setup Single 10" fin
Shaper Jeff Townsley

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Go Pro LCD BacPak 2011 Add On

Go Pro LCD BacPak 2011 Add On


GoPro LCD BacPac The LCD BacPac is a detachable LCD screen for your 1080p HD HERO camera. As a removable accessory, the LCD BacPac keeps your camera as small and light as possible, yet provides the convenience of an LCD screen when attached.

Enhanced Convenience
Framing complex scenes; see exactly what you are shooting
Playback video and photos directly on your HD HERO camera
Use your HD HERO camera as a powerful everyday camera
LCD BacPac Features
Attaches to 1080p HD HERO cameras featuring the rear HERO Port
Simple one button design allows for easy on/off and playback control
Normal speed, fast forward, and fast reverse video and photo playback
Integrated speaker with volume control
What’s Included:
1 LCD BacPac screen
1 Waterproof LCD backdoor for HD HERO housing
1 Waterproof LCD backdoor for HD Wrist housing
1 Non-waterproof LCD Skeleton backdoor for HD HERO housing
1 Non-waterproof LCD Skeleton backdoor for HD Wrist housing
1 Year Warranty
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Crazyfly Kiteboarding Slash Kite 2011 11m Complete

Crazyfly Kiteboarding Slash Kite 2011 11m Complete


WAS £1019 NOW £815
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Slingshot Key HD 10M Slingshot Crisis Kiteboard 2010 Package

Slingshot Key HD 10M Slingshot Crisis Kiteboard 2010 Package


This package includes:
Slingshot Key HD 10M Kite Complete 2010
Slingshot Crisis Kiteboard 2010
Slingshot are launching a fantastic beginner, intermediate package at an amazing price for this year. Available in 7m, 10m, and 13m.

The new Keyhd kite is a delta style kite with excellent wind range, de-power, stability and easy relaunch.

The new Crisis board is an fantastic freeride board, with bolt on straps and pads, wood core. Available in 134 by 40.5, and 137 by 41.5. Unbeatable Package deal at the moment!!
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Ocean Rodeo Coldfire Gloves 3 mm

Ocean Rodeo Coldfire Gloves 3 mm


3mm neoprene all around for warmth. - Titanium Slick Skin (TSS) interior. No stink, less weight, quick drying, great seal. - Super stick screen palm and fingers provide superior grip on your board. - Ergonomically designed for the perfect fit with minimal seams. - Pre-curved palm minimizes hand fatigue while paddling . - DSC seams! Glued, blind-stitched, with external seam seal. No water is getting through
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Red Paddle Company Alloy Paddle

Red Paddle Company Alloy Paddle


This is our entry-level paddle. The paddle shaft is coated in soft EVA making for a comfortable grip without adding weight. The nylon blade has just the right amount of flex to allow for low impact paddling keeps shoulder and arm fatigue to a minimum. The blade size allows for smooth, easy stroke. The shaft can easily be cut down to suit all rider height

Max Length: 210cm
Shaft: Alloy
Blade: Nylon
Weight: 1.18kgs
Usage: All round

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